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Directly an Insider view from the Nanomax Laboratories

Department of Natural Pharmaceutical Nano of RushStar Technology Bank

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An Insider view from the Nano Labs of

Pure Liquid  Nano Silver- Laser and Infrared Technique Pure DRY Nano Silver- Computerized Microscope and Infrared Technique
Uses: Cancer treatment Nano saffron/ Ginseng Extract Uses: Nano Vitamins from of RushStar Corporation
At NanoMax of RushStar Technology Bank, Manufacturing Both Liquid and Dry pharmaceutical Grade Nano Silver for Natural Therapies

Definition: what is NanoMax?

NanoMax is the next generation of Dr. Rushwan's team for research and development in the Natural phytos as the the ultimate effective extracts for effective healthcare treatments with extra benifits and no side effects

As the Niagara revolution was the Phytos discovery, NanoMax represents the Nano Phytos which is smaller in treatment particles size and faster effectiveness, it's more expensive too, Dr. Rushwan decided not to increase the prices for a while to give the customers a fair experience

The Technology bank of Dr. Rushwan sought a new company to introduce the new technology to give their customers and clients the freedom of choice between both technologies and approaches with the same price as fixed as we can

The Technology bank welcomes you to use both technologies as the fair customer experience and satisfaction is what we seek as a first priority

Cancer treatment Nano saffron/ Ginseng Extract only from The Great Nano Red Cancer treatment Nano saffron/ Ginseng Extract, only from 

The Great Nano Red

FOB Price: $ 39.99 / Unit | Get Latest Price
Min.Order Quantity: 10 Unit/Units
Supply Ability: 700 Unit/Units per Week
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,MoneyGram


Quick Details

  • Function: Anti-Aging, Anti-Cancer

  • Type: Vitamins

  • Place of Origin: British Columbia, Canada

  • Brand Name: Niagara NanoMax International

  • Model Number:N834736598

  • Dosage Form: Oral Liquid

  • unit:27000 mg glass unit

  • dosage amount:500~1000 mg daily

  • Source: Natural

  • Side Effects: NO

  • Clinical Study: Canada, Germany, Turkey

  • Use: Direct Personal use

  • Taste: Nice red & delicious Natural saffron/ginseng sweet

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:

Nice appealing retail glass unit every unit contains 27000 mg

Delivery Detail:

fast Express international courier shipping



The Only saffron/ Ginseng extract specially to treat cancer now available in the Market
Backed by thousands of studies support


Product Description


The Only saffron/ Ginseng extract specially to treat cancer now available in the Market Backed by thousands of studies supporting the nano combination extract to fight cancer

Cancer treatment: supported by Hepatology Journal - American Ass. for the Study of Liver Diseases and Journal of Experimental Biology and Medicine Neuro-inflammation treatment: supported by Medical Research Center - University of Alberta, Canada Alzheimer treatment: supported by Journal of Psychopharmacology, Berlin/ Heidelberg Depression treatment: supported by Journal of Ethno Pharmacology


Cancer treatment Nano Ginseng/saffron Extract only from 100 % pure Nano liquid extract of Organic Wild Saffron/Wild Ginseng 0% alcohols - absolutely No Alcohol tolerance - Halal

Packaging & Shipping


27000 mg - 3000% Nano concentration - Only 500mg daily under tongue - direct blood stream natural treatment.

The most effective Nano Natural cancer treatment by most advanced clinical studies:

Nano Safran Liquid extract for Direct human consumption very pure, concentrated, and nanofine: for Under tounge direct oral use Asko for topical use in critical needs

$ 39.99 retail and samples prices for 27000 mg container

A whole superior shipping service including, North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) International Invoice, Canadian certificate of origin, and Third party laboratory compliance report, plus immediate international courier shipping any where in the world for any quantity



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Saffron is a good support for giving birth, so do not use during pregnancy.

Saffron/ginseng extract works by increasing it by natural means your serotonin levels . This has a positive effect on mood and appetite, and most important: destroying cancer and tumor cells

Impact of saffron as an anti-cancer and anti-tumor African Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology Vol. 4(11), pp. 834-840, November 2010 Available online ISSN 1996-0816 ©2010 Academic Journals

The medicinal properties attributed to saffron are extensive. Topically, it is applied for inhibiting growth of cancer cells, improve the skin condition overall and specifically to treat acne. Internally, it is used to improve blood circulation, regulate menstruation, treat digestive disturbance, ease cough and asthmatic breathing, reduce fever and inflammation, calm. Extracts of saffron have Chermahini et al. 835 been shown to inhibit the formation of tumors and/or to retard tumor progression in a variety of experimental animal systems. The topical application of a saffron extract has been shown to inhibit both the initiation and the promotion of cancer by a common carcinogen,

Saffron extract, a natural product, has been shown to induce apoptosis in several tumor cell lines. Nevertheless, the p53-dependency of saffron’s mechanism of action in colon cancer

The anticancer effect of saffron in two p53 isogenic colorectal cancer cell lines

thousands of studies assures the great effect

ginseng's cancer chemo preventive actions: The anti-cancer and chemo preventive actions of ginseng could be exerted through activating the Nrf2 anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory pathways

Medical Research Center - University of Alberta, Canada

Topic: Saffron and Neuro-inflammation - November 4, 2011




How it works?

“... A compound in saffron, known as crocin, that exerts a protective effect in brain cell cultures and other models of MS, helps damaged cells that make myelin (insulation around nerves) in the brain. MS is characterized by inflamed brain cells that have lost this productive insulation, which ultimately leads to neuro degeneration…"

Hepatology Journal - American Ass. for the Study of Liver Diseases Topic: Saffron and Liver Cancer - February 2011

“The study shows that saffron provides a significant chemo preventive effect

The Vision Centre at the University of Sydney Topic: Saffron and Loss of Sight - February 2010

“Niagara Nanomax Ginseng / saffron may hold the key to preventing Cancer”.


Journal of Psychopharmacology, Berlin/ Heidelberg Topic: Saffron and Alzheimer - January 2010


“...The possible efficacy of saffron (Crocus sativus) in the management of memory loss. Saffron was found to be as effective as donepezil in the treatment of mild-to moderate Alzheimer disease. ”


British Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology Topic: Saffron and PMS - December 2007


“Taking 250 milligrams of Niagara Nanomax Ginseng/saffron twice a day improved both PMS and depression symptoms after one cycle …”

Journal of Ethnopharmacology: Topic: Saffron and Depression - September 2004


“Taking 500 milligrams of Niagara Nanomax Ginseng/saffron daily for 6 weeks has the same depression reducing properties as 20 milligrams of fluoxetine (Prozac)…” but safe and with no sid effect, the same applies on just 1 capsule of the NanoFun from

Journal of Experimental Biology and Medicine Topic: Saffron and Cancer - August 2001


“.. saffron was touted by researchers as having anti-tumor benefits and cancer prevention properties, due in part to its high content of crocin, a carotenoid.”.

Company Information


Serious treatments for serious world. Niagara International

the Newest of the nanomax labs. the Nano department of Niagara International the Dogal Natural production of RushStar Technology Bank






Welcome to  the New Nano Era: NanoVit


Congratulations, NanoVit from Nanomax International, a proud sector of RushStar Corporation.  Now there is no excuse for forgetting your Daily Many tablets of vitamins, because it is not daily any more...

NanoVit from Nanomax is a weekly slow release,  high-absorption Nano Vitamins, Omegas, minerals, Calcium and for the first time in the world Dry NanoSilver

Nanomedicine is the medical application of nanotechnology, Nanophtos is the safest application of Nanomedicine, simply because the all Natural contents of the NanoPhytos technology are from safe natural Sources

NANOVIT is a standalone unique invention that can work all the mentioned features alone, 2 capsules weekly is just OK

what is the NANOVIT 's Range Extent?

NANOVIT  is the Pioneer of the Nano Phytos Natural Technology - with wider treatment phytos particles surface and ultra hight concentrated natural selective extracts from the Dr-Rushwan's Wild Ginseng, and contrary to the chemical pills, NANOVIT  extends the dosage interval rates, meaning that by the time you can take 2 capsules of the NANOVIT  every week instead of 2 and up to 10 tablets daily of other costly Non-Natural vitamins, Amazing but true, be prepared for what is thought impossible in the past, Before the Nano Era.

for fast concentrated treatments with the Nano Technology, you can use the NanoMax products in every aspects of life

The target of the of the NanoMax's single dosage system is to saturate the human body with the Nano Phytos gradually but firm, once you reach the stability of good body feeling, no need to reach for higher dose, most NanoMax's single dosage system users stops the increase in the second or third day and then stay on the reached rate for as far as 10 days, stays on. choose your favourable day of every week for NANOVIT  on the usual rate and forget about one extra daily task.

All NanoMax products in the same category can be used together with no restrictions, NanoMax Products are natural and compatible.

Secure your Whole Year Pack Nano Vitamins Now
NANOVIT is department of Hovercollege Canada Nano Research , a federally incorporated Canadian firm

Contact Now

NanoAsk, Q&A


Dear NanoAsk,

I have started taking your excellent product NANOVIT , two tablets every week for
a month  now and I can feel the improvement already. I have the following questions:

1.       Is the dosage dependent on the body state of the user, especially I am a regular
user of X=X products such as  X=X, tables and honey and  X=X Triple X. what
is the optimal dosage for a regular user of your products. I have stopped taking  X=X
products and shifted to NamoMax Plus for a week now.

2.       I have some occasional problems with fear and anxiety which distracts me from
time and time. Do you have any NamoMax products that can help with the fear and anxiety

I must say that your superior products and they way you take care of your customers is of
greatest appreciation and so my thanks in advance for your help and support




Thank you for your courteous email, it's our pleasure to be at your side all the time

The maximum dosage of NANOVIT  Plus is 2 capsules weekly, and this depends on the user's body state as you addressed, saturated body with NANOVIT can stay ON for a week and up to 10 days with two capsule.

As for the anxiety and fear attacks, Nanomax GUTS is the right product for this case, Nanomax GUTS Naturally prevent the Adrenalin avalanche and maintains steady release of adrenalin and serotonin in the blood, so, no mode swing will affect your life, mode stability and the adrenalin regulation ability is the answer and Nanomax GUTS can do it, Nanomax GUTS is only 2.95 Euros per capsule, available in 72 capsules pack includes 7 free capsules, and also 120 capsules sterilized flexible pack includes 12 free capsules

Also NanoFun from NanoMax is the best multi task Nano Capsules to feel better naturally


1. what is the difference between Nanoguts and NanoFun?.
2. I would like to order Nanomax Guts. Is it possible to do the order
through the internet or is it better to do it through the local agent?



Nanoguts for Higher adrenalin rate on demand, Nano fun for lower adrenalin and higher serotonin, all naturally and all the the high natural absorbance of NanoMax nano silver           

At NanoMax we always recommend that the NanoMax Customer to enjoy the advantages of local distributors as immediate availability, technical support, and free promotions, but, as it mentioned in every distribution agreement with NanoMax if it ever happens that the Distributor is not effectively serving the customer and the customer is not happy with the available local service and initiated a buying request from his terminal for this reason into the NanoMax International terminal, NanoMax international will consider the customer's request and supply the order. International orders are not entitled to be covered by the local distributor's Technical support or promotions.




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