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No Thanks to CACTS!

Hello Everybody,

I'm offering in HoverCollege what I couldn't find in the past 20 years and probably many of you did not find either; the Integration between the Academy and the Industry.

Back in 1998, CACTS Canada- the Canadian Air Cushion Technology Society- issued its Proceedings of their 25th international conference, which should be the latest in the technology, but in page 349, the respected author wrote" The magic number here us 1.414. Im not sure who came up with this number but it has been repeated to me by people of several different nationalities and if it works for others - it will work for us too"

Well, the Number should be exactly 1.414213562 and this magical mysterious number is 1/Sin 45* to get the segment length in coordination with the craft clearing height.

CACTS did not respond to the correction neither modified it!

Despite my great respect to the author and his both hard work and international sense, this triggered the alarm for the need of more Academic and industrial integration without any one left behind, without previous formal education restrictions and every person will be rewarded for what they could achieve through the HoverCollege not before the HoverCollege!

Welcome to the HoverCollege.

Dr. Rushwan


Books By Dr. H. Rushwan, B.Sc-BATS, Ph.D.
Air-Cushion Technology Consultant
Hovercraft Designs and Calculations, ISBN 0-9738081-0-1
Build your own Tuwaf Hovercraft, ISBN 0-9738081-1-X



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