About HoverCollege




About Hover College

Not only is Hover College a leading innovator in providing Academic and Industrial Hovercraft technology  services, but it also is an award-winning technology trendsetter, supplying cutting-edge connectivity between our experts and clients.

We are exceedingly proud of our thriving technology group, which has earned the firm accolades from industry experts.

HoverCollege is Canadian Federally registered, where Academic, Industry, Resources, and Experience are all Integrated for amalgamated new defined way of a firm.

HoverCollege is the first firm in the world to invent the Teflon Skirt , we are so advanced in the Air Cushion field because we have a vision, we have 20 years of accumulated experience/knowledge in Innovation, we have access to most of the Air cushion pioneers in the world and their experiences that in some cases passes 50 Years.

HoverCollege is Mastering all that to bring You our customer the Unsurpassed best in Air Cushion Technology, if it is an Air Cushion it must be in our data base.

At HoverCollege, we promise to bring you only the Advanced and adequate additions in the Air cushion Technology.

HoverCollege, the first to offer online International Hovercraft education, the first to invent the patented Teflon skirt, HoverFabric, HoverEdge, and Dr.Rushwan Thread for Hovercrafts, the first to consult on hovering over fresh snow and moving sands, and the first amalgamate Academic materials optimization into industrial hover constructions.

With the Academic optimizations HoverCollege worked and added noticeable achievements in the following fields:

Transportation HoverCrafts

Industrial Air-cushions

Advanced AC Systems

Hybrid Hovercrafts

Custom Hovercrafts

Hover Homes & Shelters

Hover platforms

Mass Rescue Systems

Uprighting Coordination

Surpassing Nat. Standards

HoverCollege offered Consulting on the following fields: 

Prototype testing/Reports

Fluttering-effect solution

Vortex turbulence control

-40~+50 Hover testing

Underwater imaging and analysis

Fresh snow/Sastrugis test consulting

Moving sands hover calculations

Non frictional anti wear skimming

Anti Plow-in/Dynamic pressure

Displacement/Hover Calculation

HoverCollege is an Active industrial firm in

Air-Cushion Systems

Teflon Skirt and edge

Dr.Rushwanss Thread

Hovercrafts body

Hovercraft Propulsion

Hovercraft Navigation

Hovercrafts controls

Hovercraft Supplies

HC Engine Treatment

RC Hovercrafts

Also Hover College is offering the following in it's academic Services:

Hovercraft Education

Online Instructions

Experiments white paper

Pre-College Science fair

Cash Rewarding competitions

International Publishing

Air-cushion report publishing

Hovercraft experiments reports

Online Hover Course instructions

Free Air-cushion Theses and dissertations publishing services with Canadian ISBN number.

Hover College Answered many Hovercrafts enquires and published Hovercraft related articles in these subjects:

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Hover College is committed to providing technology-based solutions to achieve our goal to become a single trusted source for Air Cushion Technology, to continually improve our core services and to expand the reach of our life-saving mission.


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