Hovercollege and Hovercraft Frequently Asked Questions

We are sure you found tons of Hovercraft and Air-Cushion related FAQs through the internet, However, at HoverCollege we've distinctive phrasing techniques in our answers and explanations, we always feature this methodology in all our Hovercraft Courses, for not being repetitive we'll only feature distinctive FAQ that are not usually in any other FAQ or not explained according to our popular Academic-Industrial amalgamation Methodology.

What is the deference between HoverCollege and other academic institutes?

  • HoverCollege is recognized by many advanced methodologies, for example; HoverCollege uses Science and Industry to serve and improve the Hovercraft technology instead of using the Hovercraft just as a preliminary example for science theories like other institutes, HoverCollege offers all the courses online, you can access your study in HoverCollege from any country around the world, HoverCollege generates Highly Knowledgeable Hovercraft Builders, neither Academics in ivory tower nor Hovercrafters who built their knowledge on try and hits.

What is Hump speed and is the same definition could be applied on solid ground?

  • According to Dr. Rushwan's Ph.D. Original Thesis and also his latest SR&ED - R&D ; "Hump speed is the speed that will not allow the ground media under the Hovercraft getting enough time to deform and shape in response to the Hovercraft distributed weight Displacement, it’s the hardest over fresh water and the easiest over Skating rank"...why?
    Fresh water as a liquid shapes waves in front of the Hovercraft to allows the compressed air under the Hovercraft to take enough displacement mass inside the water to float, these waves builds drag resistance " which is one of the reasons why HoverCollege invented the Hoverfabric and the Teflon Skirt" this wave drag becomes harder and harder as the speed accelerates, the same scenario exactly as in breaking the sound barrier, and all the sudden the liquid gave up and there is no enough time for the water to form the wave, the Hovercraft starts to ride over it’s own wave, passing the wave even before it starts to shape instead of chasing and racing it like other conventional boats, this is the Hump speed.

    Many factors can change the Hump speed from Hovercraft to another Hovercraft even if they share the same weight or category, for example; the distribution of central of gravity, the friction formula between skirt shape & materials and the ground drag, Also using additional techniques as geodesic trimming can improve the Hump Speed.

    As a rule of the thump, Lower Hump Speed means Reliable Hovercraft, of course you can get more knowledge by accessing one of our courses.


How the same Hovercraft that flies freely over ice can be used to break the ice as an Ice Breaker?

  • The secret here is in the total weight per square foot applied by the Hovercraft on the ground to produce enough displacement air cushion in respond to the Hovercraft weight, for example; Hovercraft ground pressure <10lbs/sf can fly easily over fresh snow, the same Hovercraft with extra weight of fuel and extra air pressure under knees will produce 250lbs/sf which is enough to break this ice then higher weight for thicker ice, although it will continue hovering because of the pressurized air creates enough displacement air hole to keep it floating, the same compressed air hole under the Hovercraft weight is enough to break the ice, take the fuel off and reduce the weight and the Hovercraft will skim freely again over the ice without breaking it

If the Hovercraft is that Fantastic, how come it's not that popular?

  • Well, the Idea of the Hovercraft is the fantastic, but how you apply it is how it makes it popular, Hovercraft suffered from the high expectations without the surrounded technology becomes ready, we believe that the Golden time of the Hovercraft finally come, HoverCollege has the needed technology that makes the Hovercraft you next garage toy, without you neighbor complain of noise, and without you looking for a marina slip to launch it or even to find a place for the trailer.

Can a Hovercraft skim over fresh snow and moving sands?

  • We offered this interesting consulting many times now, so we though it’s good to offer it in the FAQ, the Answer is Yes, it ispossible and the secret is in the final applied weight per SF, just check the minimum weight that will deform the Fresh snow and the moving sands in your area/country, then adjust the cushion pressure to be 15-20 % less than this Critical weight, and skim, you’ll be safe, we only charge for complicated consultations, but this one is on the House.








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