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HoverCollege, the first to offer online International Hovercraft education, the first to invent the patented Teflon skirt, HoverFabric, HoverEdge, and Dr.Rushwan Thread for Hovercrafts, the first to consult on hovering over fresh snow and moving sands, and the first amalgamate Academic materials optimization into industrial hover constructions



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The Latest from HoverCollege TM

HovercollegeTM International issues it's developed Teflon Protection version of HovPod Skirt, including the Hovercollege Dolphin Tail Invention - patent pending

hovpod configuration

The primary Hovpod Skirt The Improved Teflon HoverCollege version 7A,8B,34C,16D

2011 Hovercollege® News - The All new Scat Teflon Skirt, Trimmed, extended, Dolphin Tail, Special Export to Australia

Dr. Rushwan: Segment Trimming must be Geodetically extended or Hover Height will be compromised

Geodesic computerized extended trimmed segments without hover height compromise, with absolute endurance for the friction, stress, and load distribution


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A good opportunity to learn the differences between HPTH, EOPTH, and THSH   Hoverfabric®

Fast Lane to Order Teflon Skirts and HoverFabric, Only from HoverCollege

Free, with every Hoverfabric Order

Custom Size Teflon Edge Scraper 1" x 2"

€ 9.95 Euros value for Free

TES from Hovercollege.com

Customized for precision and easy finger grip

Removes Teflon layer perfectly

Roughs Hidden edges for fabrication only

Never Hurts the Fabric integrity

2 side for smooth scraping for edge sewing and rough scraping for edge gluing - PVC Glue

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