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Amalgamated Academic-Industrial Approach for a new definition of Hovercraft Era, by HoverCollege

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 Hover College, Out-of-Box Solutions!


HoverCollege built it's industrial reputation on more than 20 years of R.S.Proteks Technology, R.S.Proteks team is part of Hovercollege Laboratories, plus continuous and  comprehensive Hovercrafting tests year after year, that made HoverCollege the only and first in many Air-cushion technology fields.

HoverCollege with it's new invented Hovercraft treatments, reduced the Hover Engine Noise and emissions for either two or four stroke engines, HoverCollege is the first to Offer a complete package of Hovercraft treatments for Seasonal maintenance.

HoverCollege works closely with every Hovercraft manufacturer around the world to offer out-of-box solutions to their challenging environment and innovate a custom solution to the client if required to be his for life, Hover College is your private laboratory.

HoverCollege is one of the fastest firms to respond to the tsunami disasters by offering it's expertise free of charge to help plugging the amazing hovercraft capabilities in the search efforts and bring rescue to  hard to reach areas.

HoverCollege does custom production, custom research and modified products if required, this beside it's already on-line innovative Hovercraft products, service and solutions.


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