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Amalgamated Academic-Industrial Approach for a new definition of Hovercraft Era, by HoverCollege

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Hover College, The first in the world to offer Hovercraft Treatments!

Your complete source of Hovercrafts Supplies


Who can provide treatments to the harsh and demanding hovercraft environment but HoverCollege , with more than 20 years of experience in engine treatments with tracked reports proves better than Automotive Standards, Hover College is the first to offer unsurpassed 4-Cycle/Stroke  Hovercraft Engine Treatment  that can prevent engine oil from breaking-down even under 95% of water in and keep the engine running for considerable period even with no-oil.

The HoverCollege team was the same team that offered the first 2-Cycle/Stroke engine treatment in the world through Wal-Mart 10 years ago, now a highly upgraded version is offered through HoverCollege 2-Cycle Engine Treatment for HoverCrafts.

In Hovercraft environment, Humid, Dust, Sand and even burned vegetation debris are normal contaminants beside sludge and engine internal wear, HoverCollege's HoverFlush is just all you need to get your hovercraft up and fresh for a new adventure.

And Now instead of treating your fuel, you better treat the fuel system itself, HoverCollege Hover-Fuel System Treatment is for all fuel system that deals with all types of fuels, it offers better response, cleaner system, and slow release fuel treatment

HoverCollege treatments succeeded in reducing the Hovercraft noise significantly by converting the metal to metal internal engine friction into Polymer to Polymer, a Special HoverCollege Polymer, plus the huge reduction in hovercraft emission that passed and exceeded the automotive standards, with HoverCollege treatment, the Hovercraft and Aircushion are a Public Safe Sport.

HoverCollege Industrial laboratories are always ready to formulate and build custom hovercraft supplies up to your requirements, with more than 20 years industrial experience, Ph.D.s and many patent registrations in our team plus many authenticated and verifiable reports, we are the firm to enjoy the ultimate hovercraft experience with, Contact HoverCollege Today.



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