An email from an unsatisfied customer!

Let's check why?

Well, it's unusual for a commercial firm to feature unsatisfied customers on their sites for 2 reasons, firstly, this will produce bad reputation, secondly, even if the customer became satisfied later, this will invite many crankies to give the firm more hard time.  Well, we think different, Hovercollege is an Academic as it's commercial, and every unsatisfied situation needs to be addressed  and solved, we conceder this a better success

Observe that the exact point that the customer complained about, hovercollege already offered the HoverBoot for it, reading our entire site could be beneficial

Observe that using the innovated Hoverfabric with Hovercollege's Tougher than steel Hover edge in our platinum segments can prevent any complaints

If It's good to have the genuine Hoverfabric® from the Hovercollege®, it's better to have the technique or order the ready-to-use Skirt


Modification: The Customer called publishing his email and the answer "patronizing", so, for not getting personal, let's get to the point by modifying the page to the information directly

Hover skirt building is not a T-shirt sewing as other suppliers do, it's a complete System contains the Hoverfabric TM, the Hovercollege boot, and the Hovercollege Marine treated Kevlar which is 10~20 Times stronger than steel, with many other innovated components from Hovercollege ®; as the Dr.Rushwan Thread, the Sun Bright ® Marine hover reflectors, and Dolphin tail invention. This why professionals pay us up to € 39.80 Euro per Segment to make them the Teflon Silver Gold Platinum- TSGP segment which is stronger than steel but still pliable and flexible

In the Hovercollege’s Technology which is based on our Hard tests in the PEI Canada test center, with -50 Celsius, Harsh Ocean Sharp ice, and sever wind up to 180 km per hour. these 3 unfriendly factors beside the Known Unfriendly humans there, produced the Dr. Rushwan's PhD dissertation including the Teflon Hovercraft Skirt

1-Hovercraft skirt cage as it shown in the attached photos got to start with Skirt cage, it's similar to shark cage, but tougher and at least 10 times stronger than steel, this Hovercollege treated Kevlar is sold by the square inch for only ¼ of an Euro and it's thick with very hard to cut property , this why we cover all the skirt edges with it
For the Hovercollege Treated Kevlar cage you can choose from 3 deferent levels:
10, 15, and 20 times harder than steel, you can order small piece and try for your self
After the building the cage with is the outline of the skirt or the skirt segment, you need to make the cage as a frontier for every stress line either the hanging points or the ground touch base, the Hovercollege Treated kevler cage comes in one piece, then you cut it into tapes with a usual 1 inch width,
The Hovercollege Treated Kevlar cage is only
2- Hovercollege's Tough Boot: then you need to cut and attach the Hovercollege's Tough Boot which s working a pliable bumper ant superior anti friction properties, you hit the sharp Ice with it, the combination of Hovercollege's treated Kevlar and tough boot, fortifies the strength and anti -cut of the treated Kevlar as a chaise with the anti friction - anti Deterioration of the boot to face the sharp Ice as sharp as you like, Hovercollege's Tough Boot is available and sold by the square inch for only ¼ of an Euro and you can order a very small piece and test it with a metal file to see for your own eyes

3- Hovercollege's Hoverfabric, very well known, is the out sheet to reduce air and water resistance and produce the skirt's body with a very slippery Teflon properties, the Hoverfabric from Hovercollege is available in 3 types:
1- Hoverfabric for Hobbyists level: HPTH; Hovercollege Plain Teflon Fabric® is only 9.95 Euros per square meter/yard, very slippery on water-land-mud-ice
2- Hoverfabric for Sport level: EOPTH - Emergency Orange Polyurethane-Teflon Hoverfabric, Better anti friction- Deterioration properties with dull low price per square meter, only € 13.35 Euros per square meter/yard
3- Hoverfabric for commercial level:
THSH - Tougher Than Steel Hoverfabric
HoverCollege™ Hoverfabric™ takes advantage of methods and materials never before used in the manufacture of Air-Cushion Skirts. HoverFabric™ is less than half the weight of conventional Air-Cushion Fabric
THSH HoverFabric™ is 10 times stronger than steel
THSH HoverFabric™ is 6 times antiwear more than steel, it stands steel filling!
THSH HoverFabric™ is Floatable
THSH HoverFabric™ is pliable not like so called Teflon alternatives
THSH HoverFabric™ is more sturdy than Teflon, more strength than any other known fabric.
THSH HoverFabric™ is less in mass then any other fabric, and Ballistic.

THSH HoverFabric™ can work as an out sheet without boot or edge, it's a stand alone product, and the price reflects that

For the THSH please ask for a quote depends on you needed specifications, but you can order a sample for only a 1/4 of a Euro per squar inch to the the primary level to check for your self, hit it with sharp ice, file it, cut it, do all your tests before ordering, just access the Hovercollege order page and order the the Hovercollege Hoveredge and whrit THSH Hoverfabric sample in the notes, it is very simple

for more economical alternatives, you can order the Hovercollege technology materials for building an economical commercial skirt using the Hovercollege edge as a segment cage and the Hovercollege Boot, both materials are available from hovercollege® to build the famous platinum skirt system
All Hovercollege’s products are Marine Teflon treated

Now, with this test proven Technology, you can have a Teflon Hovercraft skirt which is harder the steel, slipper than Nylon, and pliable enough to hover around

Hovercollege® supplies this high tech Hovercraft skirt for many years now, with full satisfaction, so when you eye the platinum level, not fair to order only the sliver level

Check the right product for your plan before you order, if you are not sure, ask, it's free, or order the ready platinum segment for any type of hovercrafts, just send the old one or your plan.

Best whishes
HoverCollege® International Customer Service



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