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 HoverCollege offers consultancy on both planning and testing, we back our consultancy by our ACTC test center to prove our vision.

At HoverCollege we do our consulting service through our team and with association with many of the most experienced Surface ships experts around the world, our door is always open for new experts to join in, so never hesitate to send us your resume.

HoverCollege Consultants worked on the following subjects:

Prototype testing/Reports
Fluttering-effect solution
Underwater imaging
Fresh snow/Sastrugis
Moving sands hovering
Anti Plow-in/Dynamic
Non frictional anti wear
-40~+50 Hover testing
Gas/Fluid Displacement/Buoyancy Hover Calculation
Vortex turbulence control

Industrial Air cushion moving skids

Construction Hovering Platform Displacements

Air cushion Skirt Optimization

Closed Skirt system water outtake

-40*c Skirt Flexibility and in Ice snag

Inclined Sloped Hybrid Solutions

Ocean Hovercraft Modifications


We always work on custom projects and out-of-box tests in every field that use Air-Cushion technology, never Hesitate to send us your question and share your problems with us.

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