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HoverCollege, the First dedicated Online Custom Hovercraft educational courses

Hover College offers online programs in the following hovercraft fields:

Basic Hovercraft introduction

Hovercraft design and calculations

Aircushion Skirts Methodology and styles

Hovercraft Body Structures and safety factors

Hovercraft controls and navigation

Hybrid Hovercrafts

Hovercraft Engines and Propellers, lift and propulsion

HoverCollege can also prepare dedicated presentation to universities around the world integrating the taught subjects in the respected education firm with the proper Industrial Hovercraft material, the Goal of the presentation is to extend the student sense beyond the theoretical subject the the Actual application in the Hovercraft field, the presentation can be on video, DVD, VCD, Online, and life in the respected university, proper translation and materials shipping can be arranged.






Programs Publishing Competitions Pre College


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